Are you tired of stale state of online multimedia? We can’t blame you. Blogs focusing on rehashed news with no personality is not the way to keep visitors interested. In fact, we’ve seen our fair share of blogs die untimely deaths because of their outdated views on what a website should be.

Geekenstein is a unique monster constructed with the sole intention of making online multimedia content fun again. We are a place for geeks to embace the amazing and diverse culture that’s held so close to all of our hearts. Geekenstein was created at the hands of writers and artists with a varity of backgrounds from across the Internet. From video game writers to Youtubers, we’ve got every nook and cranny of the Internet covered. The goal is to make an entertaining and engaging site that interacts with the geek community through news, orginal content and social events.

The heavily customized WordPress theme that we use was created by the wonderful folk over at Gabfire Themes. If you ever find yourself looking for a premium WordPress theme, direct your browser to Gabfire Themes’ website. Their themes give you more bang for your buck than a lot of other premium theme-makers.

The opening song in our podcast is called “Super Mario Bros. Bowser is Pissed OC ReMix” and it was mixed by PriZm.