Attack on Titan Episodes 8-13 Review

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Still going strong against the titans, but losing a bit of steam (at least I think so), Attack on Titan continues its apparent domination of the Sunday anime front. Episode 7 delivered a huge twist to the plot that is expanded upon, and expanded upon, and expanded upon over the next several episodes. Unfortunately, during this span of episodes, the twist kind of killed the suspense for me.

**If you’re one to watch a full series in one go, it’ll be hard to avoid spoilers here, but I’ll do my best.**

Essentially, the playing field gets pretty leveled here for the humans. A father’s words are echoed throughout this half that signifies a motivation for a character to ensure they can do what’s best to preserve the human race! Is that vague enough for you, you jackals? Don’t worry, it’s still a bloody mess, with Titans and humans meeting their doom over and over, but the story regains its focus and pushes towards a definite, more focused goal by the end. I really don’t think I can say it any better without giving everything away, so let’s divert, shall we?


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These 6 episodes of AoT aren’t bad, mind you, they’re still entertaining GAR nonsense that will please any action/seinen fan, but the plot development in this half is lacking and rather uninspired. It seems no matter how close the humans seem to get to victory they turn on themselves mentally and question their own abilities. It just get old after so many times, and when it involves seemingly minor characters, it’s harder to sympathize with them and their plight. The foreboding end is always around the corner, so that’s obviously a dire reason to care for the characters, but when nearly every battle results in characters stopping their attacks to question themselves, I stop caring about them!

The end of this cour leaves us with 12 more episodes (with one recap episode in there somewhere) to help us see if the humans can overcome the daunting task laid before them. I’ll definitely still be tuning in week after week for more, but I just hope the focus is stronger in the next season. Attack on Titan is still a go-to series for anyone wanting brutal action and fight scenes, but this second half leaves me wanting more, and not in a good way. I’ll await the Summer-Fall season for more, but I’m hesitant for what’s to come.

[Written by contributor Curtis Stone]

Rating Banner 3-5