Write for Us! (Updated)

So you want to contribute to Geekenstein.com? Awesome! We can always use new bodies. The old ones are starting to rot. As the website has grown, we are finding ourselves tasked with the responsibility of rethinking our contributor and staff processes to better reflect the vision we have for Geekenstein.com. Obviously, some things work and some things don’t – and the latter must be reinvented to better serve the contributors, staff, and website as whole moving forward. Effective immediately, we are making drastic changes to the way contributors and staff promotions work.

- Contributing -

Facebook Collaboration Group: The Facebook group you know and love (or potentially hate) isn’t going anywhere and it will still be the hub where most of us communicate. Upon interest in writing for the site, you will be added to this group to get to know your fellow writers.

After two months of inactivity, you will be asked if you want to stay on as a contributor. We understand that time restraints and emergency absences happen, as well as that interests will drift – but we have to draw the line somewhere to keep things neat and tidy and may start cleaning up the group of people who simply can’t keep up with our requirements.

Writing News: Originally we founded Geekenstein.com as a hub for original content, not rehashed news stories. While this will stay the focus of the site, we are now requiring all contributors to submit at least 4 news stories over the course of a month before they can move on to a staff position. Of course, those interested in committing to news reporting past their requirements certainly won’t be flogged! You have an opinion on every new game or industry announcement that you’re passionate about and we want to hear it! Aim for at least 350 words for each news story and have fun with it. Everyone will already know about what you’re reporting, but they will be interested in your take on it, so keep it from being anything but boring!

Reviews: During your time as a contributor, you will be required to submit at least one review for a piece of content that was released within the past three months. You won’t be able to “claim” or request codes for upcoming games, as that right is reserved for staff members, but we may send a code or copy your way if the staff are unable to review it.

Original Content: During your time as a contributor, you will only be eligible to submit two piece of original content. This includes editorials, top lists, and anything else you can think up. You get two chances to make your creative writing shine, so don’t blow them! Once you graduate to staff, you have all the chances in the world to get creative.

Moving forward: To move forward and make staff status, you must submit 4 news articles, two pieces of original content, and one review over the course of two months.

- Staff Status -

Media Badge Priority: Do you want to attend a gaming or geek convention? If interested, you will be able to request media badges to conventions big and small. Of course, you will be required to cover them in a timely manner for the site and any ill behavior or lack of coverage will have this opportunity revoked for you in the future.

Facebook Staff Group: Once the contributor requirements have been fulfilled, you will also gain access to the Facebook Staff Group, where members will reap the benefits of getting first access to review copies, codes, and more control over what they write, as well as priority over the contributor submissions.

Staff Email Address: Look at you, bigshot. Becoming staff means you get access to your very own email account. Doesn’t yourname@geekenstein.com look nice and fancy? It can be used separately or forward your @geekenstein mail to your personal address. It’s all yours to maintain.

Account Access: No longer will you have to email your articles in! You’ll get access to your very own account on the site with the ability to write and edit your articles to your hearts content before submitting them for review.

Review Priority: You have the ability to request review copies and codes for upcoming games, as well as priority claiming over the contributors. We’ll contact the those behind sending out the good to the press, but that doesn’t guarantee we will get a copy. If no staff can claim the review codes, they will then be sent to the contributor pool.

Podcasts: While we love to bring contributors on the podcast in regular intervals, becoming staff gives you priority to be included in the discussion.

Video Content: If you’re feeling creative, as staff you’re allowed to take it to the next level to pitch, create, and upload video content to our Youtube account upon approval.

Payment: As an added thank you for your hard work, you will be now be eligible for receiving payment via Paypal. Payments fluctuate and depend on how well your content does with views, so be sure to promote your work!

Demotions: Say you work your way up to staff and then immediately drop off the face of the earth. It’s unfair to the hardworking staff and contributor members to keep you on as staff if you are unable to work to maintain that ranking. We give a lot more freedom to staff because we believe that they’ve earned it, but there has to be limitations to that freedom. One month of inactivity will have you bumped back down to contributor status.


- Extracurricular Activities -

We understand you won’t be able to write as much as you want to. Hell, maybe you don’t want to write anymore because of life conflicts but still want to help us out when you can. That’s fine. Just speak up and let us know. There are several things you can do to show us you care. <3

Promotion: Do you find yourself on Twitter more than a normal person? Maybe you’re always on Facebook, waiting for your long-lost love to unblock you? That’s the perfect time to help promote content on the site! Tweet, share, reblog – whatever the newfangled way of promoting a link is!

Dedicated Areas of Promotion: This is separate from regular promotion, because you pick an area to focus on and stick to it. We already have a “FilmWatch” and “N4G” guy, but we don’t have a Raptr, Reddit, or Pintrest guy(or gal)! There are several link aggregation websites out there and we would love a hand in each of their cookie jars!

Editing: Do you know the difference between “your and you’re”? Do you know how to spell words and Google the correct spelling of those you don’t? Editing is as easy as reading a piece of content before it goes live and fixing any mistakes you find. If you believe it needs to be greatly reworked before it’s ready to be published, let us know and we will contact the author.

Video Content: If you have no interest in writing, that’s cool. It makes my fingers hurt. If you can pitch a video show and keep it updated regularly, we’d love to host it. Given the work that has to go into video content, unless it’s a timely news video, we prefer to record, edit, and upload video content in a “season” format of around 10 or so episodes to guarantee they go live during their time slot.

Convention Videographer: Do you not have Parkinson’s and want to put that fancy camera to use? Then tag along with us during a convention and shoot some video of interviews and more!

Convention Photographer: Same as above, but with still images! Maybe you want to create a cosplay gallery or just help us add high quality original images to our convention coverage – either way, it’s a great help.

 - Contact -

If interested, send an email to contributor@geekenstein.com with a writing sample to get started!