Gunnar Optiks Interview with Curtis Silver

Amidst the slew of playable demos, special guest panels and game tournaments at PAX hides a smaller group of company advertisers trying to endorse their products by connecting them to gaming. Whether it be eye drops or energy drinks, every company there insists that they have what you need to keep you playing at your best. For the most part this is all marketing bullshit. You don’t need an energy drink that tastes like horse sweat to play League of Legends nor is it detrimental to your performance to game without a light up controller. But the folks over at Gunnar Optiks have taken a different approach. Not only does their product work and prove itself beneficial to your well-being, but they don’t embellish their presence in the gaming world. They appeal to those who actually need to stare at screens all day be you a gamer, graphic artist, security guard or the like.

Unconvinced by marketing ploys, I was not one to buy such a veiled attempt to appear honest by a company selling “Gamer Glasses.” I stepped up to the Gunnar Optiks booth, mic in hand, ready to dodge my way through a throng of PR nonsense and empty promises by a guy in suit who hadn’t touched a joystick since Pitfall was relevant  I eyed everyone working the booth and while they seemed friendly, helpful and knowledgeable about the product, they were exactly what I expected. I approached the front counter and asked about my scheduled interview. Almost on cue my counterpart stepped in. His name was Curtis Silver. He was about twice my height and four times my width with a shaved head and thick goatee. He had a short sleeved shirt on that was branded with the Gunnars he was trying to promote.

Curtis shook my hand and immediately took me by surprise by guiding me through the ocean of attendees like a bouncer in a club making jokes about everyone he pushed aside. This was no robotic PR guy. He was an honest to god person and joked around with me the whole time; no crap, just facts. Not afraid to poke fun at his potential clients, product or even himself. He gave the rundown on everything I needed to know and even pointed out problems with certain things. He honestly gave me the best interview at PAX with the most energy and realism. If he was putting on an act, it was a hell of an act because I would buy a damn pair of these glasses and then Curtis a drink right after.