Hands on with a MOGA Controller

MOGA Pocket

Until I actually got my hands on one, I always thought that the controllers for mobile phones were one of the dumbest ideas. Why would I want a controller for my phone? The whole point of the touch based platform was to make smaller games that were controlled in more simplistic manners for the literally mobile platform. If I wanted a controller, I would just stay at home or use a different mobile platform. It was a bit narrow minded of me.

We are at a point where mobile platforms rival the last generation of consoles, and in some ways, compare to the current. I was dismissing an entire playstyle because, at the time, it didn’t suit my lifestyle. Simply put, a MOGA controller works. It works well. It turns my phone into a game device with comparable experiences to the console that I already carry with me at all times. Yes, I love my 3DS, but I don’t always have it on me.

While the MOGA does require me to carry something else, the MOGA pocket controller is nothing like carrying around another device. It’s small, lightweight and fits well with my phone.The MOGA pro controller requires more effort, but as I said before, the real draw is the fact that I already have my phone on me and if I drain its battery, charging it is far more simple than charging a mobile game device. I’ve borrowed countless android chargers, but never a 3DS one unless I was at someone’s house.


Just as Alex did with the Gunnar glasses, I was fully expecting to talk with the MOGA people and end up making fun of a controller for my cellphone, but instead I was taken aback by their quality and utility. I despise games with virtual sticks, but now I don’t have to worry about that. Instead I have actual joysticks to play these games with. Instead of being frustrated with developers not taking advantage of the platform, they can now take advantage of the power these devices have without being a slave to the touch screen.

A MOGA controller isn’t for everyone, but they are good quality controllers that simply work on the platform. I find it hard to say much more than that, but the fact that I can even recommend them at all, especially considering my previous opinion, says quite a bit. If you want more from you mobile game experience and don’t want to shell out for Sony or Nintendo’s offerings, I definitely recommend that you check out a MOGA controller.