How to Hide and Remove Instagram Tags


Love it or hate it, Instagram is a thing and I doubt it’s going anywhere. Arriving with the latest update, the ability to tag other users has now come to the immensely popular app. But not all is fun and games with this new feature, as with it also comes the chance of getting your filtered ass tagged in a photo of you kissing on a woman that’s not your wife.

Luckily, Instagram has your back and notifies you immediately when someone tags you in a photo. Just go to the “Photos of You” tab on your profile page. From there you can click “Hide from my Profile” and your name and tag is hidden. Now your embarrassing moments and unfaithful misdeeds won’t show up on your profile.

You can take it one step further, too, and remove the option of ever being publicly tagged in a photo again. Go to the “Photos of You” tab and select the settings icon in the upper right-hand corner and from there choose “Add Manually.” Now all tagged photos are hidden by default, waiting for you to approve them.