LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Hands-On Preview

LEGO-Marvel-Super-Heroes-Screens-Wallpaper-HDIn the past decade, LEGO has managed to become one of the bigger names in the gaming world. After their collaboration with Lucas Arts on LEGO Star Wars raked in such high praise in 2005, Traveler’s Tales continued on teaming up with other franchises to make licensed games. The notable affiliations with Batman  and Lord of the Rings received just as equal praise and really helped define how far they could go with just about any property. Their latest foray into the licensed world, LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, has been long awaited in both the LEGO and Marvel fan bases and is finally nearing its release date.

The playable demo at E3 2013 presented a variety of levels all within a cohesive storyline. It appears that a preset team of four is chosen for progression and story purposes at the beginning of each level and you are left to your own devices to figure out how that team will help you through each obstacle. Much like in past LEGO titles, each character has a unique set of talents that set them apart. Some may fly or shoot projectiles and while that is commonplace in other iterations, it seems each character’s abilities is important on an elemental level. Fire, electricity, brute strength are all used in a unique manner and aren’t as interchangeable as projectiles seen in the past. You’ll constantly be switching characters, which freshens up the gameplay and deters you from getting comfortable with just one in a set of over one hundred. It also promotes experimentation with what that characters powers are truly capable of even when the gameplay elements get too familiar and samey.

LEGO Marvel

The gameplay itself is what one would expect from a LEGO title: platforming, puzzle solving, destructive environments and  structure building, but the new engine makes everything flow a lot smoother and allows for more realistic physics. The attention to detail on the characters also gives the game the personality we’ve come to expect from a LEGO title. For example,  if Wolverine takes too much damage, he becomes a LEGO skeleton and must regenerate. Each character seems balanced for their intended purpose and any tacked on features are there for fun.

Traveler’s Tales has always been one to respect a license more than any other team and in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes it’s more apparent than ever. They’ve spent a lot of time to give each character personality and used the new engines to build vast, beautiful environments for the player to explore. The release is set for fourth quarter of 2013 so it won’t be long before everyone gets their hands on it and can experience the care they took for themselves.

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