Monster Hunter Beginner’s Guide

Monster Hunter

Greetings fellow monster hunters! It’s always nice to see new faces around the guild hall! So you’re wanting to learn how to hunt monsters? Well you’ve come to the right place, young ones! Let me pass on my tips and tricks that came from countless hunts for the big and the small!

Learn Item Combinations

This is one of the most crucial elements to being a hunter. With such things as potions, you can only carry a maximum of 10, so it’s a really good idea to learn the combination for it and stock up on those items. This will allow you to go from carrying only 10 potions to 20 which is a huge game changer when it comes to the bigger hunts.

There is a couple of items I’d recommend picking up that will help your success rate when combining items called the “Book of Combos,” and these range from volume 1 to 5, having these in your inventory will increase your chances of success.

Monster Hunter

Use Time Remaining During Gather Quests To Forage

You will often get quests to gather x amount of items and deliver them to the red hunter box. This opens up the whole map for you to explore so make good use of it! There is lots of mining spots, herbs to gather and every now and then you’ll get one of the big Wyverns flying around that you can go toe to toe with if you so fancy it! Make good use of the time allotted to the quest and get the most out of the environment.

Monster Hunter

Grind From The Start

This is something that you’re going to have to get used to as the whole game is built around grinding to get material. This in turn allows you to upgrade your current equipment or make new equipment. You’re going to kill the same creatures over and over and over again, that’s just how it is and how it always has been. I’d recommend that you grind the first monsters you meet (Velociprey in most cases) until you have enough material to make yourself a suit of armor.

Quick side note, don’t jump in and get the leather armor that is available right away, you won’t need it until you get your first urgent quest and even then, you’ll be able to complete that quest with dodging and blocking.

Monster Hunter

Don’t Go In Unprepared

This is the number one cause of rookie deaths. Before you go on a hunt make sure that you’ve went and restocked from the previous hunt. There is nothing worse than going into a big hunt with only 2 potions and no items to combine for more. If you get caught out of potions, then you’re done for. This is my top tip to anyone who wants to be a top hunter!

One other thing you should take into consideration is that your armor set gives you bonuses against the types of enemy attacks. Such as Rathalos armor giving you some bonus resistance against fire based attacks.

Monster Hunter

Get To Know The Environment

As a hunter, you’ll be fighting in various environments, some of which will have immediate effects to you as soon as you enter the area. You’ll need to bring along supplies for these such environments, you’ll need a Cool Drink for the desert levels to stop your stamina depleting super quick and a Hot Drink for the snow levels for the exact same reason. You’ll also want to learn where the mining and gathering areas are in each area for when you’re grinding that new weapon/armor set.

Monster Hunter

Find A Weapon That Suits Your Play Style

So by now you’ve had a look around and seen that there is a few different weapon classes, each one having it’s own strengths and weaknesses. Some are faster than others but have weak defenses  others are super strong but are insanely slow so require much more tracking of the enemy attacks/positions. The key to becoming a good hunter is finding the weapon that compliments your playing style, some are much harder to use than others but it’s much more rewarding when you become a master at a difficult weapon.

Monster Hunter

Learn Monster Attack Patterns

We’ve covered all the things that are dependent on the hunter himself (or herself,) but what about when we start introducing the monsters into it? Then things get a little bit more complicated.

Each monster you encounter will have a sett attack pattern which i’d recommend you take the time during the first hunt to learn, it will make future encounters much easier. Be warned, however, that a lot of the monsters have attacks that can reach you no matter your position relevant to it, the bit one being the tail swipe which has a lethal range of attack.

With all that said, it’s now down to yourself to find your own play style and tactics for defeating those pesky Rathalos. I have passed on my wisdom to you, the new generation of hunters. May it serve you well in many hunts to come! Good luck fellow hunter, should we meet one day in the Hunters Guild we can exchange tales of how manly we are as we dine like kings!

[Written by contributor Declan McGeachey]