Regular Show #1 Review


When I was growing up most of the comics based off of shows were pretty reasonable to say the least. Comics based off of Nickelodeon and Disney shows appeared in their respective magazines but those died like most magazines is the early two thousands. While the stories would often be hit or miss they still maintained the feel of the show.  Flash-forward to today where only a few comics are based of shows, such as Bravest Warriors and Adventure time.  So going in on Wednesday and randomly picking up Regular Show #1 on a whim. It was a pretty good choice.

The writing is simple yet really fun and sounds on par with the dialog from the show. Even down to Rigby’s raised voice and the always necessary “YOUR MOM” from Muscle Man.  The art for some odd reason reminds me of the comics from Old Nick Magazine, which isn’t a bad thing. The show is often a nostalgic trip to the times when some of the viewers were kids in the 90’s. So it blends perfectly.  KC Green really understood the structure of the show with this first issue, A simple premise that takes a turn for the weird.  The illustrations by Allison Strejlau deserves commendations as well .The backup story wasn’t too my liking because of the weird character designs that remind me of some MAD magazine stuff.


The First issue proved to be a good start to and awesome comic.  I hope the adventures continues with more randomness and possibly a comic based issue.

Rating Banner 5



Regular Show #1

Writer: KC Green

Artist: Allison Strejlau

Sale Date: May 15, 2013

MSRP: $3.99