David Rhinehart (Editor-In-Chief) – Master of his own ADD, David has managed to take his insane ramblings about all sorts of media and turn them into a sort of word-vomit on a page that you can somewhat make sense of. When he’s not busy editing out all of the Oxford Commas on the Internet because some bad things happened between him and a comma as a child, you’ll find him playing the hot new game while watching television at the same time.

Dustin Triplett (Webmaster) – A devoted fan of boners, Dustin’s passion for video game journalism was sparked by the crew of TalkRadar. When he’s not giggling about boners, he’s playing World of Warcraft and playing some obscure indie game that no one has ever heard of.

Jake Petersen (Magic the Gatherer) - Jake stumbled into Geekenstein one chilly December night in 2012. He soon found out the joys of constantly geeking out and decided to stay. When not writing for Geekenstein or doing boring homework, Jake can often be found playing children’s card games (not on motorcycles) or geeking out with other people about said card game. He also occasionally plays year old video game or watches ancient TV shows with little relevance in this day and age.

Josh Rios (Video Editor) –  A man who can’t watch HGTV due to the fact that they can’t white balance anything. Josh creates and edits videos for the site while trying to write scripts for various other projects. When he’s not working on the site you can find him reading comics or attempting to find a new board game to learn.

Kate Reilly (Editor) - Born in the frozen wastes of southern Ontario, Kate has dedicated her life to doing as little actual work as possible. Naturally, when the first seal-blubber modems arrived in Canada in 2010, she decided to dedicate her many talents to being snarky towards television shows on the internet. She currently lives in British Columbia with her boyfriend and a room full of games she’ll never finish. You can catch her weekly on Random Assault Podcast.

Terrence Billingsley (Writer) –  College student by day, nerdy writer by night, and quite possibly the whitest black guy you’ll ever see… aside from President Barack Obama and Wayne Brady. Terrence got into writing out of the surprising fun he found when writing about the thing he loved the most, video games. When he’s not writing or doing boring school work, Terrence records YouTube videos under the name “XxPlayer334xX.”