Weekly Webcomic Wrap-Up 6/2/13



Welcome to the first installment of the Weekly Webcomic Wrap-Up. While we create a header image allow one of this week’s selection from Kris Straub’s Chainsawsuit to entertain you. There was just something about being mocked by the people whose sole job is to create laughter that made me smile.



If you haven’t read Trenches, you should. It’s a great look into game testers and even more so, the associated Tales from the Trenches that actually detail tester stories are an incredible look into the QA process for the industry. This entry also has the added bonus of ridiculing Tim McGraw, which is something I can get behind.



Scott Kurtz’s PVP has been a great, personable insight into geek culture and this entry is a great example. There is always an internet connection in reach, you just have to know how to talk to people.



This is one that fellow A Song of Ice and Fire fans can attest to. I love watching Game of Thrones, but it’s so hard to watch it with people who don’t also already know the plot lines that are unfolding. Virtual Shackles knows and has manages to convey those feelings in comic form. Welcome to one of the only downsides of such a faithful adaptation.

1370042716-the xbox phone


We’ll close out this week’s entry with a topical video game comic. While this Fanboys comic is showing a clearly exaggerated future, I can’t help but laugh at the perspective that most of the internet seems to be taking. Just remember, the One is watching you.

So that’s this week’s Webcomic Wrap-Up. If you have any comics you want to see in this feature, be sure to drop me a line at David@geekenstein.com and you may see it in next week’s entry.